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Allway Safety Scraper 4" Scraper Blades (10 pack) Olfa SVR-1 Silver Knife (Stainless Steel)
This Allway Safety Glass Scraper is one of many top quality items in our Razor Scrapers department.  Scraper with exclusive auto blade lock. This scraper uses single-edged razor blades. Excellent for safety, grip strength, and maximum leverage where small blades are needed for film or other glass contaminant removal. Replacement blades for TZ-10333484 and TZ-10333483. Also known as the Olfa Silver The SVR-1 is an all stainless steel model. Features a slide lock and pocket clip/blade snapper. Guaranteed forever.
Triumph "MK2" 3" Scraper Olfa "A" Yellow Knife 1" Single Edge Carbon Steel Blades (100 pack)
Olfa "A" Yellow Knife
Our Price: $5.95
Smaller version of TZ-10333485; very handy for smaller windows. Works better than the 6" Triumph for automotive film removal on side windows. Best used on residential applications for smaller windows. Extremely efficient. Highly recommended. Olfa "A" Yellow Knife is a standard-duty cutter with rubber grip insert for maximum control.  Uses standard or stainless steel breakaway blades Razor blades can be used alone or with TZ-10294612 for necessary glass cleaning / scraping. Note that these blades are not stainless steel and are therefore susceptible to rusting with use.
Olfa SVR-2 Professional Silver Knife (Stainless Steel) ALLWAY 4" Scraper with 6" Handle NT Cutter Pro A-1P Knife (RED DOT)
NT Cutter Pro "A-1P" Knife
Our Price: $8.75

The Olfa "SVR-2" Professional Silver Knife (Stainless Steel) is a professional cutter designed with an auto-locking blade slide, stainless steel handle, and a built-in safety blade snapper for rapid blade segment change. Accommodates both left and right-handed users. Guaranteed forever. 4" (10cm) Scraper with 6" (15cm) Handle is a very powerful/effective at removing existing window film. Effective for tougher film removal jobs, and relatively compact in size. Always remember to remove or reverse blade and use safety cover when not in use. (Use with ACT0803) The NT Cutter Pro "A-1P" Knife or also referred to as the RED DOT. The choice of professionals everywhere Left or right - handed use. Equipped with Auto-Locking blade slide. Regarded by many installers as the finest professional installation knife available. Precision control of knife extension by blade-segment increments. Knife blade locks in position, moving only when thumb-pad is depressed. Use only stainless steel blades with breakaway points to minimize likelihood of glass scratching. Use for film pattern cutting and trimming. *This product's price has been increased, because the Manufacturer increased their price.
11" Cllp Scraper Triumph "MK2" 6" Scraper Triumph Heavy Duty 6" Double Edge Scraper Blades
11" Cllp Scraper
Our Price: $11.00
Triumph "MK2" 6" Scraper
Our Price: $12.65
Razor blade scraper extension tool for reaching down in tight places, such as the bottom edges of a rear window. Great tool for film removal in these out-of-reach places. The standard scraper used in the first phase of virtually all flat glass preparation. Not for automotive use because of its blade length and inability to conform of compound-curved glass. Light weight, easy to use, and extremely efficient at removing contaminants. Absolutely essential tool for all flat glass installers. Use ACT0904 to strip old film first, and then use this scraper for final window preparation (& adhesive removal).
Use with TZ-10333410.
Replacement blades for TZ-10333487 or TZ-10333485. Heavier gauge blades for those more difficult film removal jobs.
Triumph "Heavy Duty" 6" Scraper Triumph "MK2" 6" Scraper 4" Scraper Blades (100 pack)
Heavy Duty Scraper used in the first phase of glass preparation, especially in old film removal. Not for automotive use because of its blade length and inability to conform of compound-curved glass. (Use with TZ-10333410) Preferred by some installers for better attack angle when cleaning glass and removing old film or decals. Use with  TZ-10333410 blades Replacement blades for TZ-10333484 and TZ-10333483.
Olfa AB-505 Stainless Steel Knife Blades 6" Triumph Stainless Steel Blades STAR-M Edge Trimmer-Ceramic Safety Film Cutter
Replacement blades for any standard Olfa or NT Cutter installation knives. Stainless steel blades must be used to avoid or reduce the risk of scratching glass. Remember to always use low cutting angles when cutting on glass surfaces. Replacement blades for TZ-10333487. Stainless steel blades are more durable, will not rust, and are less likely to damage glass. Well worth the slight extra cost. Ceramic Safety Film Cutter is Used for pre-cutting heavy gauge safety films along a cutting-table edge. V-notch ceramic blades cut film perfectly, rapidly in both directions. Cuts the edge in a perfect squared-off fashion, required for standard safety film installations. Makes cutting safety film a breeze.