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Automotive Films for the Professional Dealer or the Do It Yourself Tinter who wants a Professional Film.
Geoshield USA offers a complete line of automotive films for the professional dealer. Innovative manufacturing techniques and processes allow Geoshield to produce automotive films that are professional and affordable.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only sell the full rolls of Geoshield Window Film to individuals and dealers located in the United States, so we can not ship to Forwarding Companies that are forwarding these rolls overseas and or the Middle East due to protected Distribution Agreements.

Pro Classic Tint Roll Pro Classic Tint

Our Pro Classic series is a 1.5 mil color stable deep dyed film. This film offers outstanding dye fastness and lifetime warranty against product failure or defect. Pro Classic is designed to be the film you use everyday with confidence.

C2 Carbon Tint C2 Carbon Tint

Geoshield C2 Carbon is an advanced nano carbon film produced using the latest technology in the industry. It comes with an amazing price and outstanding quality. One of the most exciting things about these new carbon particles is the size.

Pronano Ceramic Tint Pronano Ceramic Tint

Geoshield Pronano Ceramic Automotive film is revolutionizing the window film business. Pronano is a next generation automotive film that fuses color stable polyester with nano ceramic particles.

Pronano Ultra70 Ceramic Tint Pronano Ultra70 Ceramic Tint

Pronano Ultra 70% is Geoshield's most advanced spectrally selective window film designed for architectural and automotive application. The film is virtually clear and haze free but blocks a significant amount of UV and heat. IR blocking ceramic nano particles, in combination with UV stabilized film provides long lasting protection to your home, office or vehicle.

Apex Super Ceramic Tint Apex Super Ceramic Tint

Geoshield APEX Ceramic Automotive film is a 1.5mil ceramic film that is one of the highest Heat and IR rejection films in the industry. Apex is the next generation automotive film that fuses color stable polyester with nano ceramic particles. This hybrid combination delivers extremely high infrared heat rejection and uncompromising looks.