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"Window Tinting Benefits"

...for cars

Enhance the Look of Your Vehicle
Automotive window tinting enhances the aesthetic appeal and provides a uniform appearance to your vehicle.

Increase Comfort
Your car's interior can be up to 60% cooler on those hot summer days with professionally installed window film.

Reduce Glare & Driver Fatigue
Window Tinting reduces dangerous glare caused by the sun, snow, and other headlights, taking the strain out of driving.

Block UV Rays
Automotive window films block up to 99%t of the sun's invisible ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the principal cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging.

Protect Your Children
Automotive window film will protect your children from UV rays and uncomfortable heat and glare from the sun.

Reduce Interior Fading
Harmful UV rays and heat cause interior trim, upholstery and carpeting to fade. Window film is like sunscreen for your car.

Increase Safety
In an accident, tinting will help shattered glass hold together and lessens the possibility of human injury and interior damage.

...for homes/offices

Keep temperature and glare under control
Architectural window films correct temperature imbalances between the building's sunny and shaded areas. Comfort levels will be significantly improved with the reduction of uncomfortable hot spots and annoying glare.

Fade Protection from the Sun
The sun's ultraviolet light is a major contributor to the fading of draperies, carpets, furnishings and storefront display items. But professionally installed Window Film blocks out 99% of the damaging ultraviolet rays that ordinary windows allow in. Your furniture, draperies and carpet fade less and last longer and your occupants are protected from the UV health threat.

A Protective Barrier
Architectural window films provide the look of expensive tinted glass with added shatter resistance. In the case of an accident, the glass is more likely to stay in place because of the strong adhesive system bonding the film to the glass, reducing the risk of glass related injury.

Enhance Building Aesthetics
Architectural window films can add new style to buildings for a fraction of the cost of other window treatments. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, tinted, semi-reflective or fully-reflective film enhances any architectural design. From the inside, the view is glare and distortion-free, and from the outside, the building has a uniform appearance that complement it's design scheme.