DIY Home Tint Estimator
Use our Estimate Calculator to find out how much your DIY Window Tinting Project will cost.

TintZoom's Do-It-Yourself Home or Office Window Tint Project Calculator

Find out how affordable it is for you to apply professional window film in your home or office. Our helpful Square Footage Calculation Chart will calculate your glass area square footage and provide you with an accurate cost analysis for your Do-It-Yourself Tinting Project. Why pay a company top dollar, when you can take care of your tinting project yourself! Save 50%-70% off retail.

Follow the following steps:

1.   Type in the Price Per Square Feet in the box provided:  The price per square foot are as follows:
      FILM TYPES:  (LUDR-$2.00)   (SDR-$1.50)   (SPN-$1.30)   (SPS-$1.00)   (SPB-$1.30)

    * If you would like your windows pre-cut, add $0.25 to the above Square Foot Prices. Please note:
      Maximum width windows that we can computer-cut is 40"inches.
2.   Leave the Average Waste Percentage box blank.
3.   Enter the Room Description of the window. This information is optional and for your reference only.
4.   Enter the Quantity of windows with the same measurement.
5.   Enter the Height of the window.
6.   Enter the Width of the window.
7.   Then click the Calculate Button at the bottom next to the calculator to view your results.

At the bottom of the calculation chart you will see the Total Square Footage of your project and the Total Price based on the square feet price you have entered at the top.

PLEASE NOTE:  Although this calculator is very accurate, the following calculation form is only a reference guide. Please re-check the calculation manually.  We take no responsibility for incorrect calculations when using this form.

Price Per Square Feet
Average Waste Percentage
Room Description
(i.e. Kitchen)
Total Square Footage
Total Price

                                                                               Roll Square Feet Reference Guide

36" rolls   48" rolls   60" rolls   72" rolls
36"x100' 300 sf   48"x100' 400 sf   60"x100' 500 sf   72"x100' 600 sf
36"x75' 225 sf   48"x75' 300 sf   60"x75' 375 sf   72"x75' 450 sf
36"x50' 150 sf   48"x50' 200 sf   60"x50' 250 sf   72"x50' 300 sf
36"x25' 75 sf   48"x25' 100 sf   60"x25' 125 sf   72"x25' 150 sf