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Frequently Asked Questions

What is paint protection film?
Paint protection film is a virtually clear or transparent polyurethane film that adheres to the painted surface of vulnerable areas on your vehicle. This film is not visible from just a few feet away and with waxing and minimal maintenance the film will last many years keeping your paint protected while looking great.
It can be removed without any damage to your paint and does not effect appearance and aerodynamics.

Is it difficult to install?
We computer-cut our paint protection kits using Xpel's design software. Their patterns are known industry wide to be the best fitting, easiest to install patterns in the world. We selected Xpel's DAP Design Software with the Do-It-Yourself customer in mind. We list an installation difficulty chart, associated with each product code or kit pattern to help you with your purchasing decision. At TintZoom, we also provide you with links to Xpel's installation videos and installation photos and comprehensive written instructions. For a limited time, we will also provide you with a professional installation tool kit (over $100 value), with any pre-cut kit purchase over $99.00.

Do I need special installation tools?
We offer an excellent professional installation tool kit consisting of 2 quality 32 oz. bottles with spray triggers, 4" rubber squeegee, teflon hard card, breakaway blade knife, Xpel micro fiber towel, 2 oz Xpel sealant, written instructions, and installation video and photo links. We make sure that all of our valued customer's have the correct tools for a successful installation.

Is Paint Protection Film noticeable?
Some brands are more noticeable than others, but our Geoshield Ceramic Shield paint protection film, because of industry best clarity, is virtually undetectable from a couple feet away. You will see some haziness or small, clear moisture bubbles immediately after the installation process ... until completely cured.

Do I have to cut the film on my vehicle?
No. Most of this industry has gone to precision computer-cut kits to eliminate the chance of damage to your vehicle's factory clear coat paint. If you have over-stretched your kit and need to trim the material on your vehicle, please be very careful and only put enough pressure to trim halfway through the material and you should be able to remove the excess carefully.

Now much does it cost to have Geoshield Ceramic Shield PPF installed by a professional?
Since installation process does take time and patience for a proper application, it can cost from $750.00 to $1,000.00 for a partial hood, fenders, mirrors, and full bumper kit. You can save hundreds of dollars by installing our kits yourself.

How do your PPF kit prices compare to others?
There are quite a few different film manufacturers, so you have to make sure that you are comparing the same manufacturer and the particular film type. We only use Geoshield Ceramic Shield true 8 mil thick paint protection film, which has the most durable, self healing clear-coat layer, best clarity, work-ability, and best warranty in the industry. Please be aware that we do not try to compete with companies listed on Ebay or some of the other sites, because they have been known to not provide their customers with authentic brands that they advertise. We provide everyday low prices to enable our valued do it yourself customers a great deal. PLEASE don't waste your money and time on cheap 4 mil products that are being sold as paint protection film!

How do you package and ship your kits?
Each kit is pre-weeded, rolled up in plastic, inside of a protective corrugated tube, and carefully positioned inside a custom corrugated box. If your purchase is over $149.00, we will also include a free professional installation tool kit. We also provide a kit parts image to allow you to easily locate the different kit pieces. Everything you need for a successful installation.

I can't find my vehicle in your database?
We use Xpel as our main database, but we do have use other companies if they do not have a particular vehicle listing, so you can email us if you can not find your vehicle listed.

I saw a cheaper price for the same kit you sell. Will you match it?
Yes, in most cases we will even beat their price. Keep in mind that the film kit has to be the same coverage, same brand and type of film. Please be aware that we do not match prices with companies listed on Ebay or the other auction sites, because they have been known to "bait and switch" or not provide the authentic brand that they advertise. With any price related questions, please email us or call our customer service department at 407-542-5683

What is the Return Policy?
Please click this link (a new window will appear)

What is the Film Warranty?
Geoshield Ceramic Shield PPF Film comes with a 10 Year Warranty, if installed by an Geoshield Authorized Dealer. If you are installing this film yourself, we offer out customers a 3 year warranty on any manufacturer defects, from the time of purchase. This does not include installation errors. To view more about the warranty info
click here.

How long should I wait to apply your product if my vehicle has been repainted
You will need to talk to your body shop and see what they recommend. The time will vary depending on the on the paint system and the amount of heat that is applied to cure the paint the body shop used. We would recommend at least 60 days, and we are not responsible for non-factory paint down the line if the film is removed. In any case, the time that they recommend you should wait to wax the paint, is the same time you will need to wait to install our product.

How does Geoshield Paint Protection Film heal itself?
Geoshield Ceramic Shield Paint Protection Film contains a special polymer in its clear coat layer that flows even though it is cured., allowing the clear coat to find its natural level again after being disturbed on the surface.

How deep of a scratch will heal?
The clear coat is designed to heal surface scratches or common swirl marks that occur during routine washing of the vehicle. If the scratch is deep enough to penetrate through the film's clear coat, it will not heal.

How long does it take for a scratch to heal?
Healing time depends on the severity of the scratch and the ambient temperature. Minor scratches usually heal within one hour at room temperature (72F). In warmer climates, the healing time will be less. The healing time can be accelerated at any time by pouring hot water over the scratched area.

How many times will the clear coat heal itself
With this technology, there is no limit to the number of times the clear coat can heal itself. As long as the clear coat is not penetrated, it will heal unlimited times.