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2017 BMW 330e 4 Door Sedan Window Tint Kit
2017 BMW 330e Sedan Window Tint Kit

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Pre-cut window tint kit fits model years:
2016, 2017

List Price: $89.95
Our Price: $69.95
You save $20.00!

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Product Code: BMW-1007-A

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Description Film Shade Simulator
2017 BMW 330e 4 Door Sedan Window Tint Kit is made from your choice of the finest TintZoom® Nanocarbon Film, TintZoom® Nanocarbon Pro Film or Geoshield® Pronano Ceramic Film and Computer-Cut to your vehicles exact O.E.M specifications to help your installation process go as smoothly as possible. During checkout, you will be able to choose from the following precut tint kit types: fronts only, backs, or rear precut film window tint kit as well as the popular complete window tint kit. You will also be able to choose a front visor strip option, if available or a full windshield piece . We offer Replacement Protection as well as installation tool kits, installation instructions and training videos, so that you always get the job done right.
Features Pre-Cut Window Tint Kit Description

We offer our customers the choice between the finest TintZoom® Nanocarbon film, TintZoomr® Nanocarbon Pro film and Geoshield® Pronano Ceramic film available. These films are by far the best quality film on the market. None of the other film brands can compare as far as Clarity, Color Stability, Workability and Warranty and we should know because we have been in business for over 20 years and have tried them all. You won't find another company offering this kind of quality film in a Do It Yourself Tint Kit offering and certainly not at a comparable price. Why? ... because this film is much more expensive to purchase than all the cheaper brands. At, we want you to be thrilled with your Pre-cut Automotive Tint Kit purchase and be assured that the film we provide will last and look good for as long as you own your vehicle. We have found that by providing you with the very best service and the finest materials in our industry, you will come back to us for all your future vehicle tinting projects.

What is this product?

TintZoom car window tint kits are pre-cut specifically for the make, model and year listed in the product name using the most advanced and accurate CAD based computer-cutting software and the most comprehensive car window tint database in the industry. We also use the finest professional grade equipment to manufacture your film kit, allowing for precision and professional results in half the time and less costly than to install film by the roll.

Industry leading tint kit installation system, designed to accommodate every installer, regardless of experience or ability.

Genuine TintZoom Precut Window Tint Kit CAD designed and Computer-Cut to OEM exact factory specification.

Professional pre-cut window film, offering the most durable scratch resistant coating available.

Comprehensive written installation instructions and our tint system's installation and training videos.

Our films provide the best clarity, are the most durable, and are the easiest to install in the industry.

Choose any tint shade combination at no additional charge.

Our Window Tint Film will not crack, peel, turn purple, or distort ... guaranteed.

Blocks 99% of harmful UV Rays to protect your vehicle's interior and provides 50% heat rejection.

Provides privacy, security and adds safety by minimizing the chance of flying shattered glass during an accident.

Less expensive, less waste and less time consuming than purchasing window film by the roll.

What Auto Tint Kit installation tools do you recommend?
TintZoom recommends the automotive Tint Tool Kit Standard or if you plan on tinting multiple vehicles, the Auto Tint Tool Kit Professional may be required.

Is is difficult to install Pre-cut Auto Window Tint Kits?
Assuming that you are a beginner, precut tint kits are much easier and less time consuming than hand cutting and installing vehicle tint patterns from a roll, but still would not be considered a simple process. Installation difficulty depends on the ability of the installer, the particular windows being tinted and how compound the curve is on your particular rear windshield. If your vehicle's rear windshield has a compound curve and you choose the 1-Piece rear windshield option, heat shrinking with the aid of a heat gun will be required for proper installation. Side windows are generally relatively easy to tint as they rarely require heat shrinking. We offer professional installation tools and tool kits to help you with the installation process.

What is your $9.95 or $14.95 Replacement Policy?
When you order a diy pre-cut auto tint kit from, you won't have to worry about your installation. If you happen to mess up a particular window, we will replace any individual tint pattern for our customers for only $9.95 or $14.95 for our upgraded film each, plus shipping of course. We offer our customers this policy, because we are not interested in profiting off a customer who may have a mishap. We want you to be successful the first time around. This offer is only valid to replace film patterns that you have already purchased. The replacement pattern will be cut for only the same type of vehicle, same style of tint, and the same shade originally ordered. You will be required to enter your original order number when ordering our $9.95 or $14.95 replacement policy product.

How much does it cost to have my vehicle professionally tinted?
The cost varies depending on the film brand and quality, the state or region, and the vehicle type. In general, you can expect to pay between $220-$400 for a complete car window tint installation. So you can save a considerable amount by tinting your vehicle yourself. Also, the film that is offered by TintZoom in our diy auto tint kits, is better quality than most of the professional window tinting locations in the nation.

I have factory tinted glass on the rear area of my SUV, can I tint over it?
Yes, absolutely. Many customers do not realize that the factory dipped glass located on the rear of many trucks, minivans, and SUV's, does not offer any UV protection to protect your vehicle's interior from fading and also does not offer any heat rejection qualities. Because most of this type of cosmetic tinted dipped glass registers at about a light transference of 15%-20%, we recommend applying a light (50%) to medium (20%,30%) film to these windows so that your vision will not be hindered at night.

Do you offer any kind of warranty?
TintZoom uses lifetime warranted films for our precut tint kits. These professional grade films are guaranteed never to peel, crack, bubble or turn purple, but the window film manufacturers only warranties the film if it is installed by a licensed professional. We can not extend any other warranty for this reason, but if you do your research, you will find that the all of the automotive film that we provide is by far the most durable and color stable film in the world. At TintZoom, we know that not everyone is perfect and mistakes are made, that is why we offer our customers a $9.95 or $14.95 Replacement Piece Policy for peace of mind during the installation process.

Use the alternate view window pattern diagram which explains which windows are included for each kit type

Front Window Tint
Back Window Tint
Rear Windshield Tint
Optional Visor Strip

TintZoom offers complete and partial precut window tint kits, this shadow sheet with number diagram shows the pattern combination available for this car tint kit. For example, if a "Front Window Tint Kit" is ordered, you will only receive the precut window tint film patterns that contain number (1)

Complete Window Tint Includes:
Back Window Tint Includes:
Front Window Tint Includes:
Rear Windshield Tint Includes:
Optional Visor Strip (Shown if Available):

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TintZoom specializes in providing our diy window tint customers with the finest TintZoom and Geoshield precut window tint kits available. Our precut car tint kits our made with your choice of the finest TintZoom Window Films and Geoshield Window Films. Select between TintZoom Nanocarbon, TintZoom Nanocarbon Pro and Geoshield Pronano window films. TintZoom and Geoshield films are rated the highest as far as adhesive durability, clarity and workability. TintZoom is also your #1 source for Xpel Paint Protection Film Kits. Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film has by far the best clarity of any Paint protection Film on the market. Our automotive Tint Kits and Paint Protection Film Kits were developed with the DIY (Do-it-yourself) types in mind. They contain detailed tint installation instructions and window tint videos to help you with your window film installation project.

TintZoom Window Films are backed by an after the purchase, optional, inexpensive Lifetime Replacement Warranty product, never to turn purple, fade, bubble, or peel.